What is Coaching?
What's Coaching?
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Coaching allows you time to consider the decisions you made, the actions you have taken or the actions you have not taken.  It allows you to consider what is stopping you...what are you afraid of.  It allows you to consider what really makes you happy and satisfies you.  It allows you to consider what kind of person you want to be and can be with a commitment to self-improvement.  

Most importantly, coaching provides you with an opportunity to discuss YOU with a supportive yet honest person whose job it is to join you on this journey.  A good coach will celebrate your successes and support you through the difficult moments.  A good coach will keep you accountable to what you have chosen for yourself.  

Coaching, whether it be work-related, performance-related, or life-related, gives you permission to slow down, contemplate what is right for you and then figure out how to make it happen!

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