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Performance Coaching
Performance coaching is for anyone who "performs" on a daily basis...athletes, performing artists, to name a few. Performance coaching focuses on the mental side of performance using mental skills and behavioural strategies to reach one's full potential. Many professional and elite level athletes use mental skills to perform at a high and consistent level day-in and day-out. As well, professional dancers, singers, and actors realize the importance of proper mental preparation to give their best performance every night.  

Executive/Leadership and Team Coaching
Corporate coaching is for individuals and/or teams looking to improve:
- daily performance
- team dynamics
- emotional management and communication
- leadership capabilities
- motivation in themselves or others  
It is for the high achieving manager or employee looking for a way to be more effective at work and have a greater impact on those they work with.  

Life Coaching
Life coaching is for anyone and everyone who is feeling stuck or who realizes they could be getting more out of life.  Perhaps you are content but realize you might be settling for the "status quo" and wonder what kind of life you really could be living.  Life coaching provides individuals with an opportunity to explore possibilities, re-evaluate current beliefs, and imagine the unimaginable and then create a life worth living!  

Inner Potential
Professional Coaching for work, sport and life